The Inside Places was conceived on a typical day in the life of the creators of this project: The purchase of the home furniture and the difficulty of imagining how would those furniture would be within the environment, since the building was not ready, and the furniture was only a 3d model.

Thinking about it, and also that we were not the only ones to go through this situation, we had an idea: What if we could use technology to our advantage and create a virtual environment in which we could be part of? Yes, there are several 360 virtual tour softwares and tools on the market, but we wanted to go further, and bring it closer to the day-to-day and closer to the reality of a person who has no knowledge in architecture.

To solve this issue and bring more interactivity to showrooms. The Inside Places presents the 360 virtual reality tour. A fully immersive experience, leading your customer into the environment that he so expects , even though the room and the furniture are unbuilt. We we’re able to achieve this because we have a specialist team using design techniques in photo realism. The 360 virtual reality tour, combines those photo realism techniques with the latest technology in the market: The virtual reality goggles.

With the 360 virtual reality tour, you create innovative possibilities for presenting your projects and impress your client, causing him to actively participate in the project by making him, part of the scene. .